Ramblings: Three Weirdos in a Basement Makin' Sex Toys

  • Squish here with some hot takes and updates!Please be aware that this is a bit more of a personal post than our normal content.   Holding out for the perfect custom toy? Sure does seem like HPE never has customs open.   Welp, the long and short of it is: HPE has not offered customs in years, and ... View Post
  • HPE: The Good, the Bad, and The Squishy

    Heyo, welcome to the Entourage, home of deliciously squishy silicone adult toys since 2018! We’re a (very) small indie business specializing in uniquely fantastical designs with an emphasis on high fantasy and scifi, and offer a wide range of monstrous lovers for your perusal, from insertable di... View Post
  • Sexy Safety: A Beginner's Guide to Sex Toy Shopping

    Sex toys are, well... Sexy! You know what's not sexy? Itching, burning, and degradation caused by unsafe materials! Read on for important information on how to identify a safe sex toy. View Post