Frequently Asked Questions

We deal in artisan, handmade sex toys constructed from premium, body safe materials!

There's something for everyone!

We offer a wide range of products, from insertable dildos to penetrable masturbators, handheld stress squishes, and more! HPE specializes in high quality, erotic fantasy toys from all kinds of mythos, with a strong focus on high fantasy, horror, and scifi!

Scaley beasties? Check!

Eldritch horrors? Check!

Graceful merpeople? Check!

Tentacles? Mega check!

At HPE we know that bodies come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and orientations, so we offer toys in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and orientations!


Insertables may be better known as "dildos." They are generally somewhat vertically oriented, vaguely cylidrical, and are meant to be inserted into/penetrate an orifice. They can also be used for rubbing and grinding for some awesome external stimulation!

Insertables can be used by holding them in your hand, riding on top of them, or attachting them to a living or mechanical partner. They may be used for thrusting or applying internal pressure during external activities.

Insertables may be used for vaginal, anal, and oral penetration, and may also be used on any part of the body externally.


Penetrables are someitmes refered to as "masturbators" (you may have heard them called "Fleshlights" before, although this is a brand and not the type of product itself).

They are usually horizontally oriented cylindrical toys with a textured internal passage for a member to pass through/rub on. They may be open-backed with both a front entrance and an exit on the back of the toy, or close-backed with only a front entrance.

Penetrables are meant to encase a mamber, and are generally used in a handheld stroking fashion or by laying them on a flat surface and penetrating them from above or the side. Their backs may be "squished" to form light suction, with close-backed penetrables being able to form slightly stronger pressure.

Penetrables are best used to encase and stroke extruding members such as clitorises and penises, and may also be used as oral toys.

Penetrables should not be fully inserted into any orifice as they are not designed with any kind of "base" that would prevent full insertion.

*Note: HPE is not affiliated with the producers of Fleshlight, nor do we stock or sell this brand.


Grinders may be neither a penetrable or insertable, or a combination of both!

They are primarily large, textured surfaces meant for grinding, frotting, and other external rubbing of giblets. They are best used in handheld or riding fashion. Some grinders offer smaller insertable or penetrable surfaces as well for a wider range of uses!

Grinders are best used externally on clitorises and penises, and are yet another great option for oral play.Grinders are not designed to be inserted fully into any orfice. Please do not fully insert your grinder as this could lead to it become lodged internally.


Squishes, such as our Kits and Teenies, are silicone stress toys that are not meant for sexual use.

These collectible cuties are usually small, handheld critters that can be mooshed and squooshed to your heart's content, or used as adorable display pieces!

While our squishes are made of the same body-safe silicone as our erotic toys, squishes should not be inserted or penetrated. We do not advertise or recommend them for sexual use.

Due to their small size, they are not anal or vaginal safe and may be difficult to retrieve if inserted. Please do not put squishes in your body!

All of our silicone items (both adult toys and novelty squishes) are crafted from platinum cured silicone, a body-safe material that is hygienic, non-porous, highly temperature resistant, and fabulously squishy!

We use a variety of body safe pigments including liquid silicone pigments, cosmetic mica, cosmetic grade microglitter, and nontoxic glow-in-the-dark pigments!

Our toys are body safe, easy to clean, and easy to love!

We offer many different firmnesses of Eco-Flex platinum cured silicone including:

  • 00-50 (medium) and 00-45 NC (medium+) - generally recommended for insertable toys that are comfortably within your preferred size range. Squishy and bendable, but strongly erect and not overly compressible. Does not have a particularly tacky surface texture.
  • 00-30 (soft) and 00-31 NC (soft+) - generally recommended for insertable toys that are comfortably within or slightly above your preferred size range. Very squishy, highly bendable, and relatively compressible. Has a slightly tacky surface texture.
  • 00-20 (supersoft) - ideal for all sizes of penetrable toys and for very soft insertable toys. Extremely squishy, mushy, flexible, and highly compressible. Has a noticeably tacky surface texture.

We do not have plans to offer firmer or softer firmnesses in the future due to pouring and demolding limitations.

Please keep in mind that fantasy shop firmnesses tend to run softer than many mainstream toys.

Our firmnesses are generally comparable to many other fantasy shops, however due to a variety of factors, toys with the same firmness rating may not always have the same handfeel.

The general feeling of firmnesses may vary depending on a variety of production factors including the amount and type of additives such as mica, GITD pigment, Near Clear, etc. as well as the ambient temperature, humidity, and altitude at the time of the toy's creation.

For a better idea of what our firmnesses may feel like, please check out this handy dandy durometer shore hardness scale!

We offer toys in a variety of firmness options which include a couple of combinations!

  • Medium+, medium, soft, soft+, intermediate, and supersoft toys are a single firmness throughout.
  • Split toys have a soft shaft and a medium base.
  • Reverse split toys have a medium shaft and a soft base.
  • Super split toys have a supersoft shaft and a soft (or, very rarely, medium) base.
  • Reverse super split toys have a soft (or, very rarely, medium) shaft and a supersoft base.
  • Skinned toys have an outer skin in one firmness, with a different inner firmness

The firmness and/or firmness combination of individual toys are always listed in the title and described in the listing!

HPE offers a broad range of sizes of both insertable and penetrable sex toys from 4" minis to 12+" behemoths!


For more information on sizing, please check out the models in our Catalog section!

Each model's catalog page features a size chart on the top left wherein the model's sizes are graphically compared to a standard 5" soda can and a more in-depth dimension chart on the bottom right which details the most important dimensions of each model.

We are not able to assist individuals with choosing the best size/model for their needs, and are not able to guarantee that a specific size or model will work for you. Please look over our catalog and size charts carefully before purchase!

HPE offers a variety of different sizes to suit the needs of various individuals, including varying sizes of penetrable toys!

While sizes were designed with specific usage in mind, as with all kinds of sex toys, usage will vary depending on the user's preferences and personal anatomy. If you think you may enjoy something, as long as you're being safe, give it a go!

Please bear in mind that the information outlined below is anecdotal and displayed only as a broad generalization.

Before deciding on what size may work for your needs, always make sure to check the size and dimension charts carefully!



Mini penetrables can generally house an index finger and often a standard 3" bullet vibrator. They may be recommended for penetration by bits of the body in the size range of a finger or chili pepper.



Pocket penetrables can house multiple fingers and typically feature a penetrable portion of 2" - 5" in length and can house a diameter of around the size of the average carrot or small banana.



Fullsize penetrable can house multiple fingers and typically feature a penetrable portion of 5" - 8" in length and can house a diameter of around the size of a small to large banana.

HPE's products (including insertables, penetrables, and squishes unless otherwise noted) all have a high gloss, glassy surface finish which will mattify down to a satin gloss finish over time.

Our products have been mistaken for rigid glass or plastic, but rest assured, they are fabulously squishy platinum silicone!

The glossiness of your toy may diminish somewhat over time, particularly in softer firmnesses, or with rough usage or use without lubrication. Translucent items may experience a mild loss of clarity or develop a slight cloudiness over time. This is normal and is not indicative of any degredation or loss of integrity.

Due to the smoothness of the surface, softer firmnesses may be mildly tacky. Glossy toys aren't for everyone! Some individuals may prefer a more matte, textured finish to their silicone toys. Every body is different, and your mileage may vary! If you're unsure about your preferences, it may be advisable to try out a small, relatively inexpensive model before going whole-hog on the HPE catalog.

HPE items are available as ready-made inventory only, aside from very rare MTO events!

Custom ordering is no longer available, and we no longer take on custom orders.

To place an order, add any in-stock item to your cart and complete the checkout process!

If the item of your choice is not currently in-stock, check out the Announcements page for the date and time of HPE's next inventory drop!

We do not store payment information on our site, so this info must be entered at checkout! We understand that this may make speedy checkout a bit difficult, so if you’d like to complete checkout quicker without having to enter your payment info, please consider utilizing PayPal or signing up for Shop Pay

Making an account on Shop Pay will save your information and allow you to check out much quicker on most Shopify stores. We highly recommend this or using PayPal for easier, quicker shopping!

Average prices can be found in HPE's Catalog!

We offer a very wide variety of models, sizes, and colors! Prices may vary depending on:

  • Model
  • Size
  • Color
  • Flops

Single colored items may cost less than multicolored items such as those with splits, fades, or marbles. Items with special color effects such as multichrome, colorshift, UV, and GITD as well as items containing specialty materials such as Near Clear silicone may cost more.

Flopped and megaflopped items may be discounted dependent on the severity of the flop, as described in the listing. Extremely minor flops may not have a discount. Small flops may be discounted marginally. Serious "megaflops" may warrant a significant discount.

We offer an incredibly wide variety of different colorations and change up our color game regularly!

We generally do not offer specialty or house "named" colors. Every one of our pours is an individual work of art! We may occasionally offer recurring colors or themes dependent on the season, but these may vary marginally from pour to pour and are usually not exact duplicates of colors past.

In addition to pictures, listings will usually contain a general description of the item's coloration as well!

Terms to know:

  • Neon: very bright, popping colors; may or may not be UV reactive
  • UV: ultraviolet reactive colors that fluoresce under uv/blacklight; usually neon
  • GITD: glow in the dark colors; usually fluoresce under uv/blacklight and also emit a glow in complete darkness; should be charged for a short period under uv/blacklight or natural sunlight for the best glow
  • Opaque: completely solid, non-see through colors
  • Translucent: partially see-through, non-opaque colors
  • Iridescent/Interference: pigments with a subtle, shimmery color shift
  • Duo-/Multichrome and Colorshift: pigments with a strong, shimmery color shift; also known as "chameleon" colors
  • Fade: a gentle, smooth or wispy gradient between colors
  • Split: a sharp horizontal change between colors
  • Marble: a combination of 2+ colors in a swirling pattern; may be large chunks/spots of different colors or more intricate patterns and wisps

A note on UV vs. GITD:

There is often confusion on the differences between UV and GITD colors!

UV refers specifically to reactivity to UV/blacklight! UV colors will glow brilliantly under blacklight. They are usually very bright, neon colors and may or may not be translucent, depending on the amount of pigmentation.

GITD colors are almost always UV reactive, but also glow in complete darkness when all light is taken away (if they've been charged appropriately in sunlight or blacklight first)! GITD colors are usually more opaque, paler versions of neon colors, although they may sometimes be very saturated.

Being UV reactive does not necessarily mean that a toy is GITD, but GITD toys are almost always also UV reactive! 

A toy can be both UV reactive and GITD, just UV, or just GITD. Please be sure to read the listing carefully!

Near Clear is a newer offering at HPE!

This gorgeous platinum cured silicone is extremely translucent, nigh on transparent, and makes for a wonderful body safe toy or a beautiful, squishy conversation piece! NC items may present a slightly different hand-feel than other items of similar firmness.

00-31 (soft+) NC feel may feel the same or marginally to significantly firmer than 00-30 (normal soft), dependent on the size of the item. The firmness difference is more noticeable in larger items. 00-31 items are listed as "soft+" firmness.

00-45 (medium+) NC may feel the same or marginally to significantly firmer than 00-50 (normal medium), dependent on the size of the item. The firmness difference is more noticeable in larger items. 00-45 items are listed as "medium+" firmness.

Small imperfections such as minor scuffs, tooling marks, surface variances, and pigment freckles may be more visible than normal in Near Clear items. These will not be marked as flops and will not be subject to any form of discount unless otherwise noted.

Due to the nature of the material, extremely minor bubbling or pockmarking on the bottoms of bases is a possibility and should not affect use or cleaning unless otherwise noted in the listing.

As with all forms of silicone, through regular use NC may experience a marginal loss of clarity and shine over time, either through developing a slight cloudiness or through natural abrasion of its surface. This should not impact usability or longevity or significantly impact the appearance of the item.

It is not recommended to boil this item as this may increase the rate at which marginal cloudiness occurs. If boiling is absolutely necessary, it is not recommended to subject this item to extreme heat or boiling for more than a few minutes at a time.

Due to it's clarity and slightly smoother surface texture, NC items may be more susceptible to visible surface damage such as nicks, tears, and scuffs. As with all silicone, please keep it away from sharp implements/edges, do not dig fingernails into it, and do not keep it in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

It is not recommended to store any form of silicone on a highly textured surface as doing so may result in permanent imprints on the bottom of the item.As with all forms of silicone, keep Near Clear items out of direct sunlight when practical. While the occasional sunny soirée will not damage your toy, longterm exposure to sun or UV light may cause a loss of clairity or discoloration over time.

We no longer offer custom toys.

Our items are primarily available as premade, ready-to-ship inventory items!

Full inventory drops usually occur at least once per month on Tuesdays at 7pm EST!

For exact dates on when items will be dropping on (and for other important updates), please check out the Announcements page and follow @HodgePodgeEnt on Twitter!

No, our products do not come with any form of warranty, either expressly written or inherent.

Due to the nature of the product, the nature of the material, the variety of activities the product may engage in, and our inability to assume "correct" usage, we are unable to provide any form of warranty.

While platinum silicone is very a strong, resilient material, it is also very flexible and soft and susceptible to piecing, cutting, tearing, or scuffing.

With care your toy should last a lifetime, however it is not uncommon to experience small scuffs, nicks, tears, or noticeable surface abrasion/mattifiying, particularly with rough or unlubricated usage.

Silicone toys are very easy to clean!

  • Wash your toy thoroughly before and after every use with warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner (or common dish soap).
  • For a deeper clean, toys may be completely submerged and boiled in a pot of water for 2 - 3 minutes, washed on the "sanitize" setting in a dishwasher (without soap), or soaked in a 10 : 1 water/bleach solution, then rinsed thoroughly with water. NEVER boil bleach or a bleach solution as this can release poisonous chlorine gas! Please be aware that repeated or frequent boiling may result in a slight yellowing of your toy, or in a marginal change in firmness over time. More gentle methods are recommended for regular cleaning. Regular warm water and mild soap/toy cleaner is more than enough to keep your toy clean!
  • While silicone does not generally hold onto smells, toys can be soaked in a vinegar/water solution to help remove stubborn scents (such as cigarette smoke, bodily smells, etc.)
  • It is not recommended to use soaps containing a lot of fragrance or high alcohol content, hand sanitizer, acetone/fingernail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, baby or disposable wipes, or any other harsh or questionable chemicals to clean your toy.
  • Allow your toy to air dry completely before storage, and do not place wet toys in a dark, enclosed environment.
  • Store your toys in a clean, dry space. It is recommended to store toys in an enclosed container such as a box or cabinet to avoid the toy attracting dust, lint, or hair (silicone is a major dust magnet).
  • Store toys out of direct sunlight. While indirect or infrequent exposure through regular usage will not damage your toy, as with most items it is not recommended to leave platinum silicone in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Doing so may result in a loss of clarity or color, or in the development of a slight cloudiness. Please note that direct sun exposure may result in color bleaching in some items, particularly with lighter / more translucent colors or those containing GITD pigments. While it is not indicative of any structural damage to the toy, it may be visible.
  • Toys can be stored sitting on most cloths, metal, glass, and plastic. Toys can also be stored on wood, however softer silicones may leave silicone oil stains on wooden furniture if left for an extended period of time. While these are not harmful to the surface, they can leave a visible stain.
  • Toys can be stored with other certified platinum cured silicone, glass, metal, wood, and plastic. Any toys that are of dubious origin or made of questionable material (such as cheap "silicone" toys, jelly toys, anything that "melts" over time, etc.) should not be stored with your platinum silicone toy.
  • Toys left sitting on certain surfaces may retain imprints on their bases (such as leaving toys sitting on a highly textured cloth, metal grate, pushing into the silicone with a fingernail, etc.). These imprints do not affect the use of the toy, and may be able to be removed by gently rubbing the imprinted area with a finger. 

Water based  lubricants or high-grade coconut oil are recommended!

Do not use silicone-based lubricants with your platinum silicone toy as this may lead to permanent stickiness or damage to the toy.

While there are some silicone-based lubricants that claim to be compatible with platinum silicone toys, HPE cannot independently confirm these claims. 

Please be aware that HPE does not employ a chemist, and we cannot assist with the particulars of specific brands of lubricant.If you are unsure if a lubricant is safe to use on your silicone toy, please patch test a small amount on the base of the item to verify compatibility!

If unsure about your choice of lubey goodness, it is advised to spot check your lubricant on the base of your toy before use.

While very small scuffs and nicks should not affect use of your toy, larger rips, nicks, and tears can be sealed and smoothed with a product called Sil Poxy, which is available at many craft stores as well as online.

Silicone can also be cut fairly well with a sharp pair of scissors if a jagged edge needs to be trimmed!If your toy develops an odd odor, visible discoloration (other than sun-bleaching), an overly tacky feeling, or seems to be "melting," discontinue use immediately and review what other items, surfaces, or chemicals your toy may have encountered.

GITD items are items which glow-in-the-dark after being appropriately "charged" with light!

For the best nighttime glow, allow your GITD item to charge in natural sunlight or in UV/blacklight for a couple of minutes!

Glows will typically be brightest directly after charging, and will fade over time.

Glow brightness may vary based on charging time and method, glow color, and other pigmentation present in your item.

Barring holidays, inclement weather, etc. inventory orders are processed 1-5 days after purchase, and are guaranteed to ship within 2 weeks, excluding transit times! We ship on most weekdays, and shipping labels may be generated a day or two before shipments are taken to the post office.

Please allow a couple of days for tracking information to update after receiving a shipment confirmation.

Once an item has shipped, transit time within the US is generally 1 – 3 days, excluding the processing time stated above. 

We have no way to estimate transit time for shipments outside of the US, and have no input or ability to change, edit, or otherwise influence international shipments. Once an item leaves our possession, it is in the care of the selected postal service/carrier. Please direct shipment inquiries to the postal service.

If you would like a toy shipped within a specific timeframe, please contact prior to purchase, and we'll see what we can do! 

We are not able to adhere to accelerated timeframes requested after purchase. We may be able to offer shipping holds on purchases that have not yet shipped if a later shipment date is desired.

To the best of our ability!

All HPE orders are shipped in plain brown cardboard boxes with standard white shipping labels. Please be aware that the return address displays "Hodge Podge!"

Items are shipped in sealed plastic bags along with air bubbles and an order receipt.

International orders are required to display accurate shipment contents (we use the term "art sculpture") and the value of the item(s) on customs forms on the outside of the box.

Domestic orders do not display the shipment contents or value.

We ship exclusively with USPS, which in our experience offers the quickest, most reliable, and most economic experience all around. 

Domestic shipments to all 50 states are all shipped with USPS Priority 1 - 3 day shipping.

International customers have the options of USPS Priority International (faster, insured, better tracking, more expensive) or USPS First Class International (slower, no insurance, little or no tracking, more economical).Please be aware that USPS First Class International can be exceptionally slow, does not offer package insurance, and may or may not offer tracking services.In the even of lost or damaged package, we are not able to offer any form of assistance for packages shipped with USPS First Class International.


We offer international shipping to many places across the globe via USPS Priority International and USPS First Class International.

Please be aware that tracked, insured international shipping can be expensive, and that we can in no way influence or change shipping costs.

When choosing First Class Inernational shipping, which is the more economical option, please note that it does not come with detailed tracking (or any, in some cases) or package insurance, and can be exceptionally slow at times. First Class packages may take anywhere from 2 weeks to in excess of 3 months to arrive. As there is no way to verify/troubleshoot issues with First Class, if you choose to go with that shipping option, please know that it is at your own risk and discretion, and HPE will not be responsible for any issues that might arise, including loss, theft, or damage of packages.

Please be aware that international packages must display the cost and contents on the outside of the box. To protect customer privacy, we use the term "Art Sculpture" for all of our silicone goods.

We absolutely will NOT lie on customs forms by changing the value or marking it as a gift. Please do not ask.

Due to various reasons, we are NOT able to offer international shipping to the following locations. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Benin, Botswana, British Indian Ocean Territory, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, China, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo - Brazzaville, Congo - Kinshasa, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, French Southern Territories, Gabon, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Heard & McDonald Islands, Hong Kong SAR China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Macao SAR China, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, São Tomé & Príncipe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, St. Helena, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe


APO shipments are treated as "international" shipments (see above).


We offer combinations of separate orders on request!

When making a single order containing multiple items, all items will ship together to the best of our ability, no combination request needed!

If you make separate purchases and would like them all to ship together in as few boxes as possible, and to receive a partial shipping refund, please use our contact form to let us know within 12 hours of purchase!

In your message, please make sure to include all order numbers that you would like to ship together!

NOTE: Shipping refunds for overages will be processed, however please be aware that HPE will retain the needed funds for the extra package weight plus a $2 service fee.

In most cases, yes!

We're happy to assist with address changes in the event that the information entered at checkout is not accurate.

However, we must ship to the addressee and country that was entered at checkout.If purchasing for someone other than yourself, please enter their correct information at checkout.We are unable to assist with addressee and country changes.

NOTE1: Shipping changes must be requested within 12 hours of purchase. We cannot guarantee changes for requests made more than 12 hours after purchase and are not responsible if the information entered at checkout was incorrect, and/or we are not contacted about the error within the stated timeframe.

NOTE2: If a customer regularly requests address changes, attempts to ship to an individual or location that we do not offer shipping to, or we suspect they are attempting to circumvent our ToS, we reserve the right to ship to the address entered at checkout and/or discontinue service.

Most shipping issues are quickly rectified by a quick call to your local post office!

If there is an issue with your shipment please contact USPS and/or your local post office as soon as possible!

We only have access to the same tracking information as the customer, are in no way affiliated with the postal service, and cannot assist with delivery issues.

Please be aware that HPE is not responsible for shipping issues that arise due to customer error, error on the postal service’s part, or issues arising from weather or other unforeseeable circumstances.

In the event of a returned package, the customer is responsible for any additional funds needed for a second shipment, or we will refund the cost of the item and relist it for sale. 

In the event of a lost or damaged package, the customer is responsible for following up with USPS or their local postal service. We do not have access to any additional updates beyond what the tracking information states.

We do not offer cancellations or refunds for lost packages. We do not offer refunds on shipping costs for returned packages.

We understand that this can be frustrating, but once a package leaves our possession  we have absolutely no control over it and cannot be held responsible for issues that are beyond our control.

DO NOT OPEN OR USE YOUR TOY if there is an issue that you believe warrants a refund or return. 

If an item has been unbagged or handled in any way, we are generally not able to assist with issues concerning damage. Due to the nature of the items, once an item has been used, we absolutely cannot accept any form of return.

If there is an issue with your order, please contact as soon as possible about the issue via HPE's Contact Form.

Whenever possible, please include your order number and any applicable photos of the issue!

Do not fret if you are unable to attach pictures to the contact form; once an email chain has been established, pictures can be sent that way as well!


In the event of an undocumented flaw (such as significant pigment freckling, large inclusions, etc.):

  • If the issue is verifiably on our end (as is the case for freckling, inclusions, etc.), we must be contacted within one month of delivery in order to assist with unbagged items.
  • For bagged items, we may be able to assist with undocumented flaws beyond one month dependent on our discretion and the severity of the issue.


In the event of a damaged item (such as nick, tear, etc.):

  • If the issue is verifiably on our end (as is the case for damage to new-in-bag items), please contact us via our contact form as soon as possible for assistance!
  • We must receive contact concerning any damage to unbagged items within 48 hours of delivery.
  • We cannot offer assistance/recompense for damaged, unbagged items that have been in the customer's possession for over 48 hours, as we are no longer able to verify when/how damage occured.
  • For bagged items, we may be able to assist with damage beyond one month of delivery dependent on our discretion and the severity of the issue.

No, we do not accept cancellations at any point unless there is a significant error on our part (such as incorrect listing details, duplicate items, etc.).

Please make purchases carefully!We may offer exchanges on unshipped items of the same value at our discretion.

Due to the nature of the items, we do not accept returns except in very serious cases.

If there is a significant issue with your purchase, at our discretion we may offer a full or partial refund.

Items must be returned for disposal prior to receiving a full refund, except in the case of shipping errors on our part.

Please inspect your items for issues before taking them out of the bag, as soon as possible after arrival, and contact ASAP if there is an issue with your order!

If we believe that damage or other issues may have occurred after the item was received, we reserve the right to deny any requests for returns/refunds.

In the event of a package returned by the post office or unwarranted customer return, customers will be responsible for any funds needed to re-ship the item. Customer refusal to cover re-shipment, or refusal of a purchase, will result in a 25% restocking fee being deducted from any refunds received.

Please review "What should I do if there is an issue with my order?" for more information!If there is a significant issue with your purchase, at our discretion we may offer a full or partial refund, dependent on the severity of the issue and rather it will impact use or longevity of the item.

We reserve the right to ask that items be returned prior to receiving a full refund, at our discretion, except in the case of shipping errors on our part.

Please inspect your items for issues before taking them out of the bag, as soon as possible after arrival.

DO NOT USE OR UNBAG YOUR ITEM if you believe it has an issue that warrants a refund or return. 

We am not able to offer recourse or reimbursement for items that may have potentially developed issues from handling or use.

  • Minor issues that may warrant a partial refund include: small or singular air bubbles, singular large feelable pigment freckles, small undocumented tears, accidental inclusions (such as silicone goobles, fuzzies, etc.)
  • Major issues that may warrant a full or partial refund include: large/multiple undocumented tears in excess of 1/2", large or numerous surface or base bubbles, large or numerous pigment freckles, highlight or base splits
  • Other issues that may warrant a full refund include: receiving the completely wrong item and other shipping errors on our part
  • Issues that do not warrant a refund or return include: buyer's remorse, deciding that color/shapes/firmness is not to your liking, marginal color differences from the listing pictures or description, marginal firmness variations (including being softer or firmer than expected), not reading the listing, not reading the Terms of Service or FAQ, extremely minor and superficial defects (such as residual printer texture, minor surface variances, small scuffs, nicks, and pigment speckles), fuzzies, hairs, or other minor debris on the outside of the toy, other issues that will not affect use, and any issues that were documented in the listing (including in the "Special Considerations" section)

Please keep in mind that all items are handmade, photographed, and packaged by three artisans. There may be small discrepancies in firmness, surface texture, color, pictures, and packaging material. These discrepancies do not warrant returns or refunds. 

If it is in our catalog and not marked as a legacy item, then yes, it is still in production!

The most commonly requested model is our lovely, wiggly tentacle, Scylla!

Scyllas of all sizes are available in every inventory drop, however they do tend to sell out very quickly.

If you have your heart set on a specific model, it is best to arrive right at the scheduled drop time, particularly if you have your heart set on a frilly wiggler!

Please keep an eye on the Announcements page for updates on when new inventory will be available!

No, not currently. 

While we may consider offering suction cups in the distant future, we do not have plans to ever offer tubes on our toys.

All of our critters are handcrafted by self-taught artists out of our home and occasionally have minor variances such as small scuffs, nicks, divots, etc. 

While these flaws are generally very small and rarely noticeable, we make note of any minor issues we are aware of if a model is particularly prone to one thing or another so customers can make an informed decision on what they're purchasing!Any minor flaw described in the "Special Considerations" section of an item will not be subject to flop discounts, refunds, or returns unless otherwise noted in the listing.

All of our items are hand-crafted and, as with all artisan goods, may have some minor flaws present such as small nicks, scuffs, pigment freckles, etc.

These are generally small enough to be negligible, having little to no impact on usability or appearance, however in the event that there is a surface flaw that we feel may affect longevity or ease of cleaning, we may opt to repair the item using a product called Sil Poxy!

Sil Poxy is a certified skin-safe silicone adhesive that can be used to permanently seal/bond nicks and tears in platinum silicone.

Repaired flaws are generally surface level and do not go into the body of the toy.

We do not repair significantly damaged items (such as large/deep tears, delamination, etc.). 

If a flaw is significant enough that we feel there is a possibility of compromised integrity, the item is disposed of.

Legacies are models that are no longer in production, either due to the item being updated to a more current version, or being phased out completely.

These items are no longer available for regular purchase.

Lockered models have not been phased out completely, but are no longer part of our regular lineup, and are no longer available in regular inventory drops.

Lockered models may be available in special drops, which are announced beforehand and can be viewed on our Calendar page.

Beginning in summer 2021, three people work full time at HPE!

First up, it's-a me, Squish!

I am the sole proprietor and owner of HPE! I work on pretty much everything, ranging from...

  • Planning
  • 3D design work
  • 3D printing
  • Post-processing and mold-making
  • Pouring
  • Photography
  • Photo editing
  • Listing items
  • Shipping
  • Customer service
  • Social media
  • Website stuffs
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
  • And much, much more!

Next up we have Mama Squish!

As you may have guessed she is in fact the Mama to me, Squish! 

Mama Squish joined the HPE team in early 2021, and has been working fulltime ever since! Mama Squish is still learning, and is working to master...

  • Trimming
  • Washing and bagging
  • Listing items
  • Pouring
  • Shipping

Lastly, we have my one and only squishy husbando, Jer!

Jer has been doing odd-jobs at HPE for years, and is fully joining the HPE team beginning in summer 2021!

Jer's main work consists of...

  • Pulling items from molds
  • Trimming
  • Washing and bagging
  • Photography
  • Transporting shipments
  • Lifting heavy things
  • Comedic relief

Jer's also branching out into pouring items occassionally, so expect to see some of his work in the future!

We believe that once an item is in your possession, it is yours to do with as you wish, within reason!

HPE believes that secondhand sales and trades, when done safely and fairly with proper vetting, are an important part of the community!

That being said, HPE does not consent to being made a source of income by customers/third parties.

You may not resell or auction new purchases for more than they were purchased for.

You may not purchase HPE's products with the intent of reselling/auctioning them for profit.

You may not advertise HPE's items as your own, or otherwise use them as a source of income.

Individuals who use HPE's name, brand, or products for personal profit without our express, written consent, will no longer be welcome to shop with us.

We do not offer custom design work at this time, nor do we intend to do so in the future.

We are, however, always working on new things and are open to both community suggestions and potential design acquisitions!If you feel you have a design that we may be interested in, please feel free to contact us via our Contact Form!


While we may be open to services/partnerships, HPE does not currently have any avaialble positions for full or part-time work within our company.