A unique insectoid creation by Venus, Whisper lands softly at the doors of the Entourage!

A tantalizing combination of tentacle and maw, Whisper's long, sinuous tongue features a plethora of rounded ridges, bumps, and swirls topped with a distinctive spiraled tip.
Their large, round base shows off some impressive peepers and an adorable set of fluffy miniaturized antenna.

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Special Considerations

Whisper may feature some minor scuffs along their upper tongue. This should not affect use and will not be flopped unless otherwise noted.


Whisper's wiggly tongue may not be able to stand unaided in supersoft firmnesses.

Sizes (in inches)




Total Length

5.5 6.5 8.25

Usable Length

4 4.75 6
Tip Diameter 1.4 1.75 2
Tip Circumference 3.5 4 5
Max Shaft Diameter 1 1.4 5
Max Shaft Circumference 3.25 4 4.75
Starts At 60
75 120

Prices are approximate and do not reflect upcharges for intricate colorations or discounts for simplistic colors or flops.

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