With a natural asymmetric design, Westwood features a subtle horizontal lean, lifelike folds, wrinkles, and veins, and heavy, dangling testes.

His gentle backward curve and smooth, pronounced glans make him an excellent choice for g- and p-spot stimulation, while his tapered shaft aids in easy insertion.

Available in a wide range of sizes from 4" to 10", Westwood makes a great companion for everything from warmups to daily play sessions.


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Special Considerations

Westwood is quite girthy and his size range may run a bit larger than some of our other items.
Please read size charts carefully!

Sizes (in inches)

Squish Mini Small Medium Large

Total Length

4.5 5.5 6.85 8.5 10.25

Usable Length

4 4.85 5.75 7.5 8.85
Max Head Diameter 0.85 1.15 1.55 2 2.25
Max Head Circumference 2.75 3.75 5 6.25 7
Max Shaft Diameter 1.15 1.35 1.75 2.15 2.5
Max Shaft Circumference 3.5 4.15 5.25 6.6 8
Starts At 50 60 80 120 170

Prices are approximate and do not reflect upcharges for intricate colorations or discounts for simplistic colors or flops.
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