This dainty royal is completely close-backed for some interesting sensations and features a smooth external carapace, adorable nubbies, and realistically ribbed internal folds.

She is specifically designed as a petite alternative to larger sleeves and is great for smaller hands and use with a partner.

The mini is not intended for 3"+ penetration and cannot house anything larger than a finger comfortably. Please choose the pocket version if looking for a standard sleeve.

While the pocket size is intended for standard penetration, please be aware that due to her diminutive stature Titania will likely "bottom-out" for many users, allowing them to hit her closed back, and may not be a good fit for users of above average length.


    Special Considerations

    Titania's of all sizes may have a small ring of irregular texture internally due to a hidden seamline, and may have small scuffs or nicks behind their winglets. 

    Titania is a petite model of penetrable and is not recommended for users of above average length or girth.

    Sizes (in inches)



    Total Length



    Head D.



    Head C.



    Min Internal D.



    Max Internal D.



    Average Shaft D.



    Starts At $45 $75

    Prices are approximate and do not reflect upcharges for intricate colorations or discounts for simplistic colors or flops.

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