• Thul 1sq-3 ~ Squish Size ~ Soft+ Firmness
  • Thul 1sq-3 ~ Squish Size ~ Soft+ Firmness

Thul 1sq-3 ~ Squish Size ~ Soft+ Firmness

Item Details

  • Squish Thul in soft+ (00-31) firmness
  • Fruit gummy crystal
  • This item contains Near Clear, a body safe platinum cure silicone which is extremely translucent. Please check our FAQ  for more information about this material.

Cast in Ecoflex Near Clear 00-31 platinum silicone, offers a luxurious degree of *squish.* 00-31 NC is somewhat firmer than our normal soft firmness toys (which approximate a 00-30 squish). Soft+ firmness toys feel closer for a 00-40 or 00-45 shore firmness.


All but a dream

Introducing Thul, the Mind Flayer!

This lovingly detailed lovecraftian friend features numerous tapered shafts atop a thick, sturdy base!

Their six wriggling tentacles are lined with gentle aesthetic texturing and rows of fabulous suckers while their base showcases an inquisitive gaze and more pronounced arcane textures.

Their multiple shafts offer a variety of playtime options and insertion combinations, and may even be used for multiple partners in tandem in larger sizes!

Check out Thul's alternate penetrable version!


Special Considerations


Squish Thul is not recommended for anal usage. Please use caution and know your body when using smaller sizes of Thul, and never insert a toy past the shaft portion during anal usage.


Make careful note of the dimensions below, as Thul is very large for their sizing!

Thuls are sized according to the dimensions of a single shaft, and their sizing designations are not necessarily comparable to our other toys.
Please keep in mind that Thuls have multiple shafts in addition to a very large, thick base.


Please be aware that Thuls are quite heavy for their sizing, and may be best suited to riding positions in use.


Medium Thul is missing the tip of one of their tentacles due to a mold defect. All medium Thuls will be flopped and discounted until this is remedied in the future.

Sizes (in inches)





Total Length

4.5 5.5 7

Usable Length

4 4.75
Single Shaft Diameter 0.5
0.75 1
Single Shaft Circumference 1.85
2.5 3.25
Combined Circumference ~5 ~7 ~9
Weight 5 oz 12 oz 1.5 lbs 3.5 lbs

Dimensions are approximate and based on average diameters and circumferences.

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