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HPE finally has fabulous, stickery goodness!


These vibrant, sticky friends range in 2 - 3" in size!
From the manufacturer, these vinyl stickers are "PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight, and should have a 2-4 year outdoor life."

Due to their translucent nature, stickers with transparent backgrounds may appear slightly less saturated in color when placed on a dark background.


Stickers are only available as add-ons to other purchases, and cannot be purchased on their own.
Qualifying orders include those with Teenies, Kits/squishes, or any fullsize toy!


Squish Set - $10

The Squish Set, with amazing original artwork by @Sarykaboombfeatures three fabulous Squish Cat varieties including Mama Squish, Action Squish, and Lazy Squish!

Some elusive Shiny Squishes, complete with a holographic sheen, have been spotted as well!

Shiny Squishes are only available in limited quantities for $5, or as promotional freebies included in qualifying orders at my discretion.


OG Character Set - $10

Based on original designs by yours truly with beautiful artwork by GobotRuts on Furaffinity, these lovely designs have been waiting for their debut for nearly two years!

The OG Character Set showcases Qilin, Hawthorn, and Changeling, some of HPE's first models!

More on the way!

We're looking to expand our sticker sets in the future! Keep an eye out for updates!



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