Squish Kits (Standard)


Squish ‘em, moosh ‘em, take ‘em on adventures!
These adorable balls of squishy goodness make for cute, unique desk buddies and nice little stress balls!

Approximately 2 - 2.5" long, these little cuties easily sit in the palm of a hand and are the perfect size for squishins!


Possibilities currently include Squish Kit, Sylph Kit, Qilin Kit, and Scylla Kit! (see picture 2 from left to right)

When purchasing multiple Standard Kits, I'll endeavor not to include repeat models.

While they are made of the same platinum silicone as our fullsize toys, Kits may contain larger particle pigments than would normally be used in silicone toys.

They are sold as novelties only and are not intended for internal use.

All squishes may have minor flaws such as small bubbles, pigment speckles, or very small inclusions. These will not be marked as flops unless otherwise noted.


Kits are available as random picks ONLY.

Your Kit may be any color or firmness, and will be selected at random. We are not able to accept requests for specific colors or firmnesses.

    By purchasing, you, the customer, are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of the information, terms, and conditions outlined in my Terms of Service and FAQ.
    Please read this information!