• Ritual 12m-3 ~ Medium Size ~ Soft Firmness
  • Ritual 12m-3 ~ Medium Size ~ Soft Firmness
  • Ritual 12m-3 ~ Medium Size ~ Soft Firmness

Ritual 12m-3 ~ Medium Size ~ Soft Firmness

Item Details

  • Medium Ritual in soft (00-30) firmness
  • Pastel aurora marble with wisps of intense blue shimmer


Cast in Ecoflex 00-30 platinum silicone, offers a significant degree of *squish*.



Dare you complete the ritual?


Ritual features a thick, writhing asymmetric shaft of dark magic atop a devilishly detailed crystal skull base.

Their shaft sports rows of undulating ethereal spirals, swirling upwards to a knobbed head.


Do not fear their ghastly grimace though!
Ritual is cast in platinum cured silicone, allowing their love bite to be less of a hard chomp and more of soft caress.


Special Considerations

This model is quite a bit thicker than some other similarly sized members of the Entourage!

Please make sure to read sizing information carefully!


Rituals of all sizes may feature some minor scuffs/repaired surface nicks on their swirls. These will not be documented or flopped unless otherwise noted.


Ritual's teeth are thin and may be somewhat delicate, particularly in smaller sizes.


Sizes (in inches)

Mini Small Medium Large
Total Length 5 6.5 8.25 10.15
Usable Length 4.25 5.5 6.75 8.5
Average Head D. 1.25 1.5 1.85 2.15
Average Head C. 3 3.75 5 6
Max Shaft D. 1.75 2 2.35 3
Max Shaft C.  4.5 5.5 7 9

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