NAAMAH (Legacy)



This item is no longer available for regular purchase.

Naamah the Temptress is a demonically detailed penetrable model with some incredibly stimulating external textures. But don't be fooled by her intimidating appearance; her multitude of devilish claspers are deceivingly gentle.

Naamah's sensual lips lead to an invitingly grindable entrance and a rolling, realistically ribbed internal passage, offering a passionately undulating embrace. 

She has an average to tight fit with a relatively stretchy sheath, making it easily compressible for a tighter fit and more dramatic sensation.

Special Considerations

Naamah may have a small ring of irregular texture internally due to a hidden seamline.

Naamah is currently only avaialble as a fullsize penetrable.

Sizes (in inches)



Total Length



Head D.



Head C.



Average Internal D.



Average Internal C.



Average Shaft D.



Starts At -- 130

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