MATRIARCH (Lockered)



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The Matriarch invites a close embrace with her heavy, squishable breasts and large, perky nipples.
She features a deep, concave section of alternating smooth and scaled textures to cradle her lovers with, and makes for a wonderful tactile, oral, and penetrative toy.


Pocket Matriarch is a wonderful option for a larger stim toy or portable adult toy!

Fullsize Matriarch is nearly lifesize, being approximately in the C - D cup range! She is best suited as a roleplaying companion and adult toy.


Special Considerations

Fullszie Matriarch is quite large, and a very hefty toy!
Please read sizing information carefully before purchase.

Sizes (in inches)

Squish Pocket Fullsize
Total Length -- 3 6
Breast Length -- 2.75 4
Breast Width -- 2.1 3.25
Weight -- 1 lbs 3 lbs, 2 oz
Starts At 15
80 200

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