ISONADE (Lockered)



This item is no longer available for regular purchase.

The current, updated version of this model can be found here.


From the depths emerges Isonade, the elegant pearl!

This graceful leviathan features a set of invitingly grindable, ribbed lips atop a beautifully detailed, finned base complete with tiny barnacles!
Her close-backed internal passage is lined with tantalizing lobed and ribbed textures.


Her large lips are well suited for external grinding and frotting, with the occasional delve into her internal folds, and makes for a wonderful roleplay companion!

Isonade's penetrable portion is one of HPE's most textured and roomiest in terms of girth, with below average depth.


Isonade is HPE's first duet model and comes in two forms; a grindable, close-backed penetrable and an elegant insertable!

Check out Isonade's insertable form here!


Special Considerations

Micro and Mini Isonade cannot comfortably house anything larger than a finger.

Mini Isonade is intended to partially house a standard 3" bullet vibrator.

Please choose the pocket size if looking for a standard sleeve.

While the pocket size is intended for standard penetration, please be aware that the penetrable portion is relatively short, which may allow users to "bottom out" and hit her closed back.

Isonades of all sizes may have a small ring of irregular texture internally due to a hidden seamline, and may have minor scuff marks on their fins.


They may also feature very minor bubbles under their fins.

Sizes (in inches)




Total Length




Internal Penetrable Length




Average Internal D.




Average Internal C.




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