• Isonade L-3522 ~ Large Size ~ Split+
  • Isonade L-3522 ~ Large Size ~ Split+
  • Isonade L-3522 ~ Large Size ~ Split+

Isonade L-3522 ~ Large Size ~ Split+

Isonade the Leviathan, Erect
Size Large
Firmness Soft+, 00-31 shaft; Medium, 00-50 base
Color Glistening Caribbean blue and sparkling sunlit koi
Notes This item contains Near Clear.



From the depths emerges Isonade, the elegant pearl!

This graceful leviathan features a straight, gently lobed shaft atop a set of lusciously ribbed lips and a beautifully detailed, finned base complete with tiny barnacles!


Isonade is a great introductory fantasy model, and makes for a beautiful conversation and roleplay piece!


Isonade is HPE's first duet model and comes in two forms; a grindable, close-backed penetrable and an elegant insertable!

Check out Isonade's penetrable form here!


Special Considerations

Isonades of all sizes may have some minor scuff marks on their shafts and under their fins, particularly around their scars.


They may also feature very minor bubbles under their fins.


Large Isonade may feature a small outward divot on the tip.

Sizes (in inches)





Total Length

5 6.25 8.5 10

Usable Length

4 5 7 8

Max Head D.

0.5 0.75 1.15 1.4

Max Head C.

2 2.75 3.5 4.25

Max Shaft D.

1 1.4 1.75 2

Max Shaft C.

3.5 4.25 5.5 6.75
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