Forgemaster M-3610 ~ Medium Size ~ Split

Forgemaster the Dwarf
Size Medium
Firmness Soft 00-30 shaft on medium 00-50 base
Color Shimmering peacock spider
Notes UV reactive and GITD



One of the girthiest models HPE has produced to date, the Foregmaster is a force to be reckoned with.


The Foregmaster's stout, hefty shaft begins with a squat, uncut head and culminates in an incredibly thick lower swell, followed by a hammered ring and relatively small base.

He features a multitude of naturally wrinkled skin textures and a variety of piercings along his short length, making for an incredibly filling, intense partner.


Special Considerations

The Forgemaster is not recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to texture as he can be overly stimulating in firmer firmnesses.

Soft firmness may be recommended if the Foregmaster of your choice is at or above your regular size preference.


Forgemasters of all sizes are significantly girthy critters for their sizing. Please review the dimensions below carefully!


Forgemasters may feature some minor flaws such as variances in surface texture and small repaired nicks or scuffs under their rings.

Sizes (in inches)





Total Length

4.75 5.75 6.75 8.25

Usable Length

3.75 4.75 5.5 6.5

Average Head D.

1.25 1.75 2 2.35

Average Head C.

3.5 4.25 5.25 6.5

Max Shaft D.

2 2.35 3 3.4

Max Shaft C.

6 7.25 8.75 10.5
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