Silver Mare m-594 ~ Medium Size ~ Medium Firmness

Item Details

  • Medium Silver Mare in medium (00-50) firmness
  • Rosey Maple Moth
  • Shimmering shades of neon and pastel yellows and pinks
  • Highly UV reactive and GITD


This insertable dildo is cast in Ecoflex 00-50 platinum silicone! It stands proudly while still offering a  luxurious degree of *squish.*


A spiritual successor to HPE's first equine model, the OG Qilin, the Silver Mare is a more gentle take on the standard equine! They feature a delicately flared, nubbied head with rounded details atop a long, smooth, slender shaft and petite base.

Smaller Silver Mares are a great choice for those new to penetration, and Silver Mares in general are a wonderful choice for those familiar with toying, but new to the fantasy scene!
They may also be a good choice for a strap-on companion!


For a girthier equine friend, check out the Silver Mare's partner model, The Red Bull!


Special Considerations

Silver Mares in mini and small are very petite and are not recommended for anal use due to their diminutive size. Please use caution when selecting the appropriate size for your desired use!


Due to their top-heavy nature, Silver Mares of all sizes may have some difficulty, or be completely unable to stand on their own unaided. This may be more apparent in softer firmnesses.


Silver Mares of all sizes may have small scuffs or very minor surface nicks under their flared heads or along their upper shaft. This should not affect use or longevity.

Sizes (in inches)

Mini Small Med Large
Total Length 5.25 6.25 8 10
Usable Length 4.5 5.5 6.75 8.5
Max Head D. 1 1.25 1.65 2
Max Head C. 3.25 4 5 6.25
Pre-Ring Length 2.5 2.75 3.75 4.5

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  • $120.00