Jormungandr p-2318 ~ Pocket Size ~ Supersoft ~ FLOP

Jormungandr the Eternal Serpent
Size Pocket
Firmness Supersoft, 00-20
Color Angelic ivory and gold with hints of blush pink, all with intense golden shimmer
Notes FLOPPED for small inclusion on neck; should not affect use.



From his beautifully scaled external sheath to his serene expression and adorably boopable snoot, Jorm is a penetrable like no other.

His incredibly unique internal passage includes a realistically free-floating tongue which creates two accessible pockets for penetration. The upper portion features swirling nubbed textures and stimulating ridges while the lower jaw’s textures are more smooth and subdued for a gentler

Penetrate him, smooch him, boop him; Jorm makes a fabulous companion for both toying and squishin’ pleasure!

Jorm’s pocket size is sized for “standard” penile penetration.


    Special Considerations

    Jorms of all sizes may have visible internal seamlines on their tongues and around the roof of their mouth. These seams should not affect use, cleaning, or longevity unless otherwise noted.

    Sizes (in inches)



    Total Length


    Mouth Width



    Mouth Height



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