A reimagining of HPE's first penetrable, Hawthorn has received a complete rework!

Hawthorn's rows of beautifully textured outer petals lead to an open inner passage lined with organic vines, ridges, and nubs. Her lovingly detailed sheath features bark and lichenlike textures, with the occasional swirly knot!

Hawthorn is a looser fitting penetrable, with an inviting passage, flexible sheath, and open back.

Fullsize Hawthorn is recommended for penis wielders who prefer a looser, squeezable fit.

Pocket Hawthorn is recommend for penis wielders who prefer a more snug fit.

Mini Hawthorn is recommended for more petite penis and clitoris wielders, and is intended to be a transmasc friendly option. The mini is not intended for 3"+ penetration and cannot house anything larger than a finger comfortably. Please choose the pocket or fullsize version if looking for a standard sleeve.

Mini Hawthorn may be used with a standard 3" bullet vibrator.


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Special Considerations

Hawthorns of all sizes may have a small ring of irregular texture internally due to a hidden seamline.

Sizes (in inches)

Mini Pocket Fullsize

Total Length

4 5.75 7.25

Head D.

1.75 2.5 3.25

Average Internal D.

0.5 1 1.25

Average Internal C.

2 3 3.5
Starts At 55
110 130

Prices are approximate and do not reflect upcharges for intricate colorations or discounts for simplistic colors or flops.

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