• Sashimi min-3716 ~ Mini Size ~ Split+ Firmness
  • Sashimi min-3716 ~ Mini Size ~ Split+ Firmness

Sashimi min-3716 ~ Mini Size ~ Split+ Firmness

Item Details

  • Mini Sashimi in split+ (00-31 shaft, 00-50 base) firmness
  • Strawberry Lemonade, a Summertime Special!
  • Intensely shimmering crystal lemonade and gummy strawberry on a sparkly mint base
  • Tons of shifty pink, gold, and green shimmers throughout
  • This item contains Near Clear, a body safe platinum cure silicone which is extremely translucent. Please check our FAQ  for more information about this material.


This insertable dildo is cast in Ecoflex Near Clear 00-31 platinum silicone with a firmer 00-50 base. It offers a luxurious degree of *squish.* 00-31 NC is somewhat firmer than our normal soft firmness toys (which approximate a 00-30 squish). Soft+ firmness toys feel closer for a 00-40 or 00-45 shore firmness.


A Shadowbox Exclusive!

A must have for any fantasy collection: the humble tentacle.

But don't be fooled! This ocean dwelling friend is anything but boring with their subtle s-curve and rows of classic suction cups.


Special Considerations

All Shadowbox items may have a noticeably hand trimmed base.

Sizes (in inches)





Total Length

6.5 8.25 --

Usable Length

4.75 5.75 7.25 --

Max Head D.

0.75 1.15 1.35 --

Max Head C.

2.75 3.25 4.15 --

Max Shaft D.

1.25 1.5 2 --

Max Shaft C.

4 4.75 6.25 --

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