Mero p-21010 ~ Pocket Size ~ Supersoft Firmness ~ FLOP

Item Details

  • Pocket Mero in supersoft (00-20) firmness
  • Intensely shimmering shades peacock green and royal purple with shifting green-blue-purple sparkle
  • FLOPPED for a small nick in the back; should not signifncalty impact use


This penetrable masturbator is cast in Ecoflex 00-20 platinum silicone, our softest, stretchiest option! It offers an incredible amount of lifelike squish with a slightly tacky, smooth texture. Many insertables cannot stand unaided in this firmness.


An elegant aquatic model, Mero features a beautifully scaled exterior, daintily flowing fins, and a deliciously textured, bubbly interior.
While she may take a bit of stretching out and is more petite in length than our fullsize models, Mero has a fairly roomy fit!

She is specifically designed as a petite alternative to larger sleeves and is great for smaller hands and use with a partner!


Special Considerations

Mero may feature scuff marks behind her fins.

Sizes (in inches)



Total Length



Head D.



Head C.



Min Internal D.



Max Internal D.



Average Shaft D.



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