Kira-Gira 3min-5 ~ Mini Size ~ Medium Firmness

Item Details

  • Mini Kira-Gira in medium (00-50) firmness
  • Intensely metallic fall leaves on a shimmering bronze base
  • UV reactive


Cast in Ecoflex 00-50 platinum silicone, stands proudly while still offering a luxurious degree of *squish.*



Featuring two elegant, spiraling tentacles atop an armored carapace with adorably dainty sucky-pads, Kira-Gira makes for an exciting partner and a beautiful conversation piece!

Mini and small Kira's are a great introduction to dual shafted toys!

Smedium and medium Kira's are better suited to those looking for a bit of a stretch and savvy toy users looking to dip their toes into the double ring!


    Special Considerations

    Kira-Gira's of all sizes may feature small nicks, scuffs, and/or minor repairs under their spiraled tips. These should not affect use or longevity unless otherwise noted.

    Sizes (in inches)

    Mini Small Smedium Medium

    Total Length

    5 6 7.25 8

    Usable Length

    4.45 5.25 6.15 7

    Single Max D.

    1.15 1.35 1.5 1.85

    Single Max C.

    3 4.5 5.45 6

    Dual Max D.

    2.25 2.75 3.15 4

    Dual Max C.

    5.5 7.15 8 10

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