• Aldrich 2L-3 ~ Large Size ~ Soft Firmness ~ MEGAFLOP
  • Aldrich 2L-3 ~ Large Size ~ Soft Firmness ~ MEGAFLOP
  • Aldrich 2L-3 ~ Large Size ~ Soft Firmness ~ MEGAFLOP

Aldrich 2L-3 ~ Large Size ~ Soft Firmness ~ MEGAFLOP

Item Details

  • Large Aldrich in soft (00-30) firmness
  • Intensely shimmering, shifting shades of dawn clouds and mother of pearl
  • This item contains Near Clear, a body safe platinum cure silicone which is extremely translucent. Please check our FAQ  for more information about this material.
  • FLOPPED for significant repaired rips and nicks in the shaft; repairs are not particularly visible, but may or may not be feelable with a finger; may have a slightly different/shinier texture; may or may not affect use; may or may not affect longevity


Cast in Ecoflex 00-30 platinum silicone, offers a significant degree of *squish*.


Aldrich is one of a kind, with an astounding, lovingly detailed asymmetric model that’s sure to please!

Their long, sinuous tongue curls and twirls, twisting upon itself as its prominent taste buds titillate the senses, offering a highly varied surface for delectable external sensations and strongly textured internal stimulation.

Their tapered, spiraled tip leads to a maze of undulating folds as their tongue slowly thickens, culminating in a mass of delightfully squishy chompers.


Special Considerations

Aldrich is not recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to texture as they can be overly stimulating.

Aldrich may feature some minor flaws such as variances in surface texture and small repaired nicks or scuffs

Sizes (in inches)





Total Length

5 6.5 8.25 10

Usable Length

4 5.25 6.5 8

Max Head D.

1 1.25 1.5 1.75

Max Head C.

3 3.75 4.75 5.5

Max Shaft D.

2 2.25 3 3.75

Max Shaft C.

5.5 6.75 8.25 10

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