Candy Kit Set ~ Aution

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In the event that the winner of the auction does not purchase their item within the 12 hour purchase period, the next highest bidder will be notified for purchase at their last bid.


This auction is for a matching set of sparkling, GITD candy Kits, featuring a full set of (4) Standard Kits, (4) Limited Deluxe Kits, and (1) Legacy OG Kit!

Standard Kits are available as random-picks during regular inventory drops.
Deluxe Kits are only available as random-picks during yearly spring Kit drops.

OG Kits are no longer available for regular purchase.

All kits are between 1" and 2.5" tall, and fit comfortably in the palm of a hand! They are made of the same body-safe materials as our fullsize toys.


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